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Granite polish and cleaner How To Turn Your Formica Countertops To Stone

Granite polish and cleaner Formica countertops are sturdy and last a long time however in some unspecified time in the future you might wish to give your Formica countertop a facelift. For beneath $200 your counters will seem like new! Here is the way to turn your Formica countertops to stone.

Earlier than you start you will have ammonia cleaner, some fantastic sandpaper, a small roller and a dozen foam rollers. You may additionally want primer, 4 cans of Rustoleum Stone Creations spray paint and 1 can of polyurethane clear finish.

Granite polish and cleaner

Now that you’ve got all your provides together it is time to get began.

1. Schedule your kitchen off limits for 3 days. Make preparations so to serve meals without using your counter tops. Eat out, order pizza, or use an alternative to your counters.

2. Clear off the whole counter space. Use a smooth brush and run a vacuum over them.

3. Wash them with warm soapy water and let air dry. Repeat.

four. Now wash them with the ammonia cleaner and rinse effectively. Let them dry and then repeat the method.

5. Now it’s time to calmly sand the floor. You are able to do this by hand or you need to use a palm sander which will make the task much easier. The light sanding will remove grease that has soaked into the countertop and it’ll additionally rough up the floor in order that the paint has one thing to stick to.

6. Once you are executed sanding wipe all the things down with a heat soapy material. Rinse and let dry.

7. Next you must tape everything off that you just aren’t painting. Don’t get lazy and skip this step. You’ll be working with spray paint and it will get throughout!

8. The primer is applied to all the counter utilizing the foam curler. You must work slowly so you don’t get air bubbles. Comply with the instructions on the can and let dry your entire beneficial time.

9. Now it’s time to spray the counters with the stone paint you bought. Rustoleum is what I really helpful however after all there are other great products available on the market. You’ve already chosen your colour so now it is time to apply. When you spray it you’ll notice it has a bit of a pebble impact. That is what supplies the stone impact.

10. Apply the first coat and let dry. You’ll need no less than three of the 4 cans you bought, perhaps all four. Preserve one for a spare for touchups in a while.

eleven. Apply your second coat ensuring that you simply get any spots that have been missed with the primary coat. Let dry.

12. Apply the third coat and a fourth coat if obligatory. The extra coats the thicker the applying will look.

thirteen. Once your paint is totally dry – 24 hours ideally – then it’s time to apply the polyurethane. Use your foam roller and go gradual so it does not bubble on you.

14. Apply as many coats as you want until the popular look is achieved. Between each coat be sure you let it dry totally.

That is it. All of a sudden your kitchen appears to be like like it has had a whole facelift.

Now remember your countertops want the identical consideration as any new counters. Ensure you don’t reduce straight on the top as it would minimize and scratch. Do not sit your sizzling pots or pans straight on the counter, use a trivet. Clean it repeatedly and be happy to reapply the polyurethane at any time to maintain it wanting recent.